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Recently WW Bridal Displays, a Division of WW Displays Inc, had been proud to be part of the incredible group that participates in the Chicago Bridal Market. This Market is held twice a year at the Merchandise Mart, in downtown Chicago. The industry show is for the Owners of Bridal and Formal shops to purchase their inventory from  major designers globally.

The Spring Show of 2019 we were asked to collaborate with the Market to create a Concept Store as a visual aid to compliment the education provided at that seasons show. We were honored. We took an 800 square foot booth and turned it into a fully functioning boutique!

This show give us the perfect platform to showcase our new bridal products and to meet directly with our amazing customers! Each Show we roll out new styles, designs, and finishes to help our customers visualize what would work best in their unique store. The bridal industry is such a beautiful and niche market it has been so fulfilling working side by side all of these hard working, passionate owners!

Some of our products include: bridal risers, wall anchored and free standing dress racks, fitting room solutions, mannequin risers, veil and belt displays, accessory tables, bespoke seating, pedestals and reception counters.

Everything we make is custom to order. Sizes, design, finishes, logo work and lighting are always optional and customizable! Our goal is to help these owners elevate their interior and the way their products are displayed. But, also to keep their salon looking truly as unique and they are!

This market we decided to lean towards our more modern bridal salons! A mixture of contrasting wood and metal, black and white. A clean and sleek look that can be easily customized to fit any salons needs and decor. LED lighting and airy glass and acrylic fixtures help express the array of displays we can produce.

After skimming through websites and photos, doing some research on store design and visual merchandising I ran across the most gorgeous bridal store. Little White Dress in Colorado, was open, clean, airy and fresh in a glam sort of way. As I got deeper into the website I noticed something that just made my day. Our bridal risers!

Not only was this store perfectly executed with the design layout, style and organization but our risers were like the cherry on top. I was so excited I reached out to the store. Kelly welcomed my email with open arms and enthusiasm and shared with me some of the wonderful photos.

It is so easy to love what you do when the people you encounter are just as passionate and proud of what they do!

Luv Bridal is a gorgeous store in Phoenix Arizona, that contacted one day for bridal risers. They needed 8 octagon risers in our unique maple expresso finish. A stunning choice to add to their already on point styled location. In passing conversation one day with the Owner, Ben, he mentioned how impressed with our product quality he was and how hard it is to find what we just made for him. He suggested becoming a part of the Chicago Bridal Market. A direct customer base for the niche bridal division we had just added to our company.

Fast forward a few years and here we are, launching a new website for our bridal division and still working closely with Ben and his team for some of his various companies; Luv Bridal, EnVogue and Madi Lane. The most recent project being a runway for Madi Lane’s market booths.

It is truly a privilege to consistently meet such genuine people in a B2B environment.

One of the greatest parts of working with the retail industry is the relationships we build with our customers. Carrie, from Carrafina- Private Label is one of the amazing bridal salon owners we have met through the bridal market. Not only is she the designer and owner this dress label but she also owns two bridal stores in Georgia. After seeing our products Carrie fell in love and decided her stores must have our risers in them for her brides. She also couldn’t resist our 360 degree rotating veil rack!

Once we got her all squared away with our risers she decided her next project with us was going to be a custom shelving unit for her booth at her markets. With her vision and inventory in mind we created the perfect custom corner unit.



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