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Our Story

Welcome to WW Bridal Displays! We are proud to be your premier source for bridal risers, displays and fixtures. We strive to be the perfect resource  for any boutique looking to elevate and enhance the way their store looks and works. We know esthetics are just as important as function and not only should your store catch the attention of your future bride visually, but it should also flow in a purposeful manner. We believe investing in your displays and fixtures are a genuine investment in your store’s future.

Inspirations for our collections come from a combination of design trends and field learning. Because we work so closely with our clients, we learn something new daily regarding challenges they face and what we can do to help them both now and in the future.

Retail design more than ever, has found a parallel with interior design. In the age of social media, especially Instagram, a store’s look and brand are just as important as the inventory and customer service. We understand how overwhelming that can feel and acknowledge that every store, from brand new to well established, has varying budgets and styles and we truly value the “old school” concept of working hand in hand with our customers. We have created this website as a form of guidance, to give you an idea of what we can do for you but mainly in hopes to spark some inspiration! All of our products are made to order, specifically for you. That means size, style and finishes can all be customized to fit your needs. We have included a Retailer Resources page that we will continue to add to which gives you tips and tricks about all things bridal (ok, well, more like all things that have to do with remodels, updates, designing, planning and ordering but that’s just not fun to say….).

We like to think of ourselves as a big little company. Big enough to get the job done fast, but small enough to keep a close eye on our quality and an open ear to our customers. 


For over 35 years my father, CEO and Founder of WW Displays, Inc., Bill Scarim, has been a constant name in retail design and manufacturing. Working as the leading display company for Crate & Barrel, side by side with its original owner Gordon Segal, as well as with hundreds of other companies like; CB2, Land of Nod, Hanes, Sorel, Disney and the NFL, WW Displays Inc., has built a highly respectable reputation for providing unwavering product quality and customer service.

In 2016, though our company had already been producing viewing risers for years, we were informed by a very valued client that there was a niche market out there for bridal display needs, beyond just bridal(viewing) risers. While WW Displays continued to expand in size and services, I joined the team to help bring marketing up to date and the Bridal Division into fruition. Bringing with me a decade of experience in the Beauty Industry, a strong interest in design and function, a passion for everything bridal and a lifetime of hands on learning with my father, the WW Bridal Displays division has become a thriving, one of a kind resource for bridal boutique owners

New Technology

One of the things we are excited most about is the recent inclusion of our metal fixtures. Incorporating these into our wood and laminate products really opens a door for a lot of retailers. Metal is one of the most customizable and cost-effective options out there. From fitting rooms to dress racks you can easily bring your brand to life with strong, unique designs and powder coating color options.




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