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Who is WW Bridal Displays?

WW Bridal Displays is a division of WW Displays, Inc. WW Displays was founded in 1984 and has been manufacturing trade fixtures and displays for retail for the past 35+ years.

The Company has shipped well over 100,000 displays and fixtures to retail stores nationwide.

WW Bridal Displays has manufactured the retail displays, counters and trade fixtures for over 200 major retail store locations.

Where is WW Bridal Displays located?

WW Displays, Inc. is located in Mundelein, Illinois, approximately 30 miles north of the City of Chicago. All products are manufactured in either Mundelein or by WW Bridal Displays partners located in the Chicago area.

401 Washington Blvd., Unit 10
Mundelein, IL 60060

How do you make Bridal Displays?

WW Bridal Displays engineers and manufactures its products using advanced CNC equipment and proprietary methods of construction. Our unique bridal risers are built upon two main methods. Our cylinder risers are produced with a manufactured fiber core, reinforced to support 350lbs, and finished with waterborn industrial coatings.

Our octagon and polygon risers are produced on cnc machines with a custom manufactured plywood panel, specially engineered to enhance the veneer faces and reinforced to 350lbs. These risers can be stained or lacquered with waterborn industrial coatings.

How long does it take to make a Bridal Riser?

The bridal risers manufactured by WW Bridal Risers are built-to-order and they are built FAST. The Company does not inventory any bridal risers for sale. Any risers you order will be built by us specifically for you. Generally, from the date an order is received, bridal risers are manufactured and shipped within 3-5 business days dependent on quantity.

White Polygon Riser

Shipped in 4 business days.

White Cylinder Riser

Shipped in 5 business days.

Natural Maple Riser

Shipped in 3 business days.

Espresso Stained Octagon Riser

shipped in 5 business days

Orders received by Tuesday 4:00 PM central time are shipped Friday or Monday via FEDEX. if common carrier shipment is required, the order will ship on Monday.

Natural Red Oak Octagon Riser

Shipped in 3 business days

Shipping dates will depend on the size and material. An estimated shipping date will be provided prior to accepting an order.

When FEDEX overnight is requested will my pedestal ship the next day?

Specifying overnight shipment by FEDEX does not change the time required to manufacture your pedestals.  Designating overnight delivery means that the pedestal will be delivered by FEDEX using their overnight service, it will still take approximately 4 days to manufacture the pedestal.

What if I need a special size?

Since everything we manufacture is built-to-order, WW Bridal Displays gladly accepts custom size requests without increasing production times or adding significant cost.

What if I need a special color or stain?

WW Bridal Displays can usually match paint colors to our industrial lacquer coatings . Please provide us with the manufacturer name and color deck number so that we can determine if we can match the color.  Matching stains and dyes is more problematic because the color of a stained or dyed wood veneer surface varies depending upon the wood grain, underlying wood color and type of stain or dye (water versus solvent).  Accordingly, WW Bridal Displays is willing, on a case by case basis, to apply commercially available stains specified by the customer with the understanding that WW Bridal Displays is only responsible for applying the stain in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and that the customer will accept the resulting look and color produced.

How do I care for my pedestals?

A Wood pedestal can be dusted with a soft cloth. Fingerprints and dirt can be removed using a non-abrasive damp cloth or sponge with a mixture of warm water with mild dishwashing soap such as Dawn. Do not use cleaners such as Pledge since they build up on the surface of the wood. Laminate pedestals can be cleaned using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and a mixture of mild dishwashing soap such as Dawn and water. Wood and laminate pedestals should be wiped dry after cleaning.

How do I care for my Bridal Riser?

All bridal risers are finished with an industrial clear coat. This coat helps protect from marks on the risers. To clean and maintain, use a damp cloth with a little bit of dish soap to spot clean. For scuffs, dry friction from a cloth or a finger will likely remove it. If a deep scratch occurs please contact us for touch up paint. All risers are made of wood. Wood is a living thing. Like any wood surface, including floors, imperfections and marks will occur.




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