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The Not So Simples

The Not So Simples

So you have a brand new store you are ready to design or you have a few updates you would like to make? How exciting! So many inspirations from beautiful photos online or even in stores you have been to… you know exactly what you want for your store. Right?!

Sort of like when you go to your hair stylist, with a photo of this woman from social media with the perfect hair color/cut (who of course has it styled impeccably, with stunning make up, and is wearing the cutest outfit). And every time we leave thinking ” huh, that’s weird, I don’t look like her after this hair appointment”… That is because she had different hair, the image was altered, you don’t have 4 hours to apply your make up every day and the quick look in the mirror you had wasn’t styled for a photo shoot!

Now, what is my point? Inspiration is fantastic, but reality is even better! You want to be YOU, inspired by a little something you saw and liked. This goes 100% for your unique bridal boutique. When looking into displays and fixtures for your store, the very start of your journey needs to begin with taking a good hard look at what you have to work with and what you need! The same layered haircut will look completely different on someone with long thick hair vs someone with shoulder length fine hair….

So, instead of trying to replicate what you saw, tune in to the Haves and the Wants. Each project has lots of hidden factors: the Not So Simples.

What are the Not So Simples? They are the part of the project that is less fun and more work.

*Budget-I know, they are a drag, but they are essential! The point of displays and fixtures are to help you keep your store organized, to curate your products, and to generate an increase in your revenue.

*Measuring- I cannot stress this enough. Measure, measure and then MEASURE AGAIN! Everything we make is custom to order. We produce it for you based on your dimensions, specifically for your space. Nothing makes an investment worthless quicker than purchasing something that is too small or too big for your space!

*Accessibility- This pairs with measuring… displays and fixtures are large, some shipped in pieces to assemble in store, but most ship fully built. I promise you when I say, nothing ensures tears quicker then a shipment that you cannot get through your DOOR. <— insert hand to forehead emoji…because we’ve all done this in some form or another in life(hello sofa!)

*Stability-Walls are the prime real estate in your store. Wall anchored dress racks are built specifically for maximizing the use of this space. However, every building is different. Studs are your biggest friend when deciding which wall anchored fixtures to choose. A blue print of your store, or even a stud finder, will help you locate these to give you guidance on what style racks to purchase.



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