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Dreamy Designs

Dreamy Designs

I’m sure you are familiar with the age old quandary of what comes first, the chicken or the egg and I feel this topic is a similar notion in the design world.

That being said; a little tidbit of information about me…I have zero relevant educational degrees to back up my opinion on what I am about to say. This is just pure hands on, learning experience wisdom.

When thinking about your fixtures and displays some may say the design should be where you start, but I think your finishes will play into the design. I believe your colors in your boutique are a key player in the style and feel your store has. Cool tones? I think modern. Warm tones? I think more rustic. Mix and match…uniquely yours. Perhaps you have grey walls, but love a rustic glam look… warm wood finishes could be your perfect solution. Crisp colors like black and white used in certain locations and amount can create the perfect pop.

That being said everyone works differently. Your space will dictate what type of fixtures you will need and your personal taste will dictate the style you go with. I highly recommend a vision board- big or small- doesn’t matter at all. It just really helps you put things into prospective and get an idea of how your design will all come together. Another one of my favorite tricks is to use paper or cardbaord, cut to size of the items you are looking at purchasing. For example, we have 3 standard size bridal risers. 23″, 30″ and 36″ diameters. Maybe your ideal riser is a big beautiful 36″ riser…but when you actually measure it out and put your place holder riser in your space and you realize 30″ is actually the max you can fit in your space. This saves a lot of time, energy and money wasted and takes literally a few minutes to do!

Rest assured, if this all seems overwhelming we are happy to help you with the design process! Just give us a call and we can discuss your space and help you visualize your options.



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