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Delivery & Installation Insights

Delivery & Installation Insights

Let’s talk about the home stretch… get all the unexciting, unglamorous parts of your exciting project out of the way! You have measured until you can’t look at a measuring tape any more, you have chosen your products and custom finished to make your displays and fixtures the frosting on your cake, and now you are pumped because they are ready to ship! The end is so close you can almost taste it…(my metaphors are making my mouth water)! Here are a few things to keep in mind for this portion of your project:

  1. Shipping- 90% of our products are LARGE! This means that they will ship via common carrier. We work closely with a logistics company who provides us quotes for the shipment based on pallet size and weight. We then relay the shipping options to our customers. If you have a carrier preference feel free to let us know! Everything else that ships in boxes does go FED EX. If your company works with another carrier you have an account with, and prefer, we can use your account number to ship via that carrier.
  2. Packaging- We are very diligent in our packaging methods. The absolutely worst thing is to have a damaged product delivered because it did not survive the transit! Have you ever seen baggage handlers throw the suitcases from the tarmac onto the plane? AH! We like to hope for the best but plan for the worst…So, your displays will come packaged snug as a bug in a rug. But, please keep in mind (unless you pay a pretty penny for white glove service) the packaging is the customers responsibility to dispose of.
  3. Installation- Some of you may go by Rosie (and can handle this all your self!), some of you have a trusty Husband or Father who can assist, some have a local handy man on speed dial and some of you will have your contractor onsite who is assisting with your whole build out. Regardless of your person, there are a few things to keep in mind when you finally have your product and are ready to install! Any of our products that are free standing but have shipped knocked down for delivery convenience, will come equipped with instructions and all the hardware necessary to assemble. On the instructions it will let you know what tools you may need if any. Any unit that needs to be wall anchored does not come with hardware. The reason for this is because everyone’s space is build differently. Some have brick they are anchoring to, some paper thin walls, some paneling, etc… It is up to your installer to decide what hardware is going to anchor appropriately. That being said the bulk of stores that have basic drywall and are anchoring to the studs behind it that are wood or steel, we do recommend a #14 flat head sheet metal screw. These can be found at any local hardware store.

Now my goal here, is not to overwhelm, but to educate. The only surprises we like are fun ones and I am assuming you feel the same! You have chosen to invest in your store, refresh your look and step up to the challenge of keeping your brides eye on the prize. The average attention span is 8 SECONDS…unless you are the only store for a great distance, you want to make sure it is love at first sight for your brides to be when they walk in!



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